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Rosa passed away on January 9th.  She was the sweetest dog.  She never had a bad day.  She never met anything she didnt like.  People, animals and most importantly FOOD!  She produced puppies with the same great temperament. 
Rosa will be sorely missed.

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Dede Bonner | Reply 22.02.2015 09.36

We would love to stay in touch with our dog, Hana's extended family. She was born in 2009 to Josie and continues to be the most amazing and loving companion.

Alaine | Reply 13.01.2015 12.23

I would love for you to email me to tell me about Boomer. I have his sister, who is just the best. rfhamilton@verizon.net

Rose | Reply 12.01.2015 07.18

we have a golden Boomer who is 10 from one of your previous litters and would love to add another male Golden to our family. Look forward to hearing from you.

David Butler | Reply 29.12.2014 12.10

My wife and I are looking for a female.

Alaine 29.12.2014 15.13

Hi David. My puppies will not be born until the end of January and they are all spoken for. Sorry. Try YGRC's puppy referral person. Thanks, Alaine

Jennifer Desjardins | Reply 15.12.2014 20.25

We are looking for a male. Please let us know the pricing. Thanks!

Helena Moore | Reply 02.12.2014 15.37

Hi, you were highly recommended to us by Deb Ryan who has two goldies from you. We are very interested in a male puppy from any upcoming litters. Thank you!!

Alaine 02.12.2014 15.48

Hi Helena. That was nice of Deb. I am expecting two litter to be born in Jan. I am excited about both of the litters. Please email at address in contact inf

dan dimonda | Reply 07.10.2014 19.42

do you have any puppies available or in near future dan

Alaine 08.10.2014 08.43

Hi. I am waiting for Cherry and Pebbles to come into season and they will be bred. At this point it will be after the first of the year before I have pups.

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12.04 | 11:20

Would love to see pictures! I have no contact with Sophie's siblings. Please use my email.

12.04 | 00:01

We have Sophie's brother, Pebwin Always Make It Work. I was amazed to see how much he and his sister look alike! He also has an especially sweet disposition.

06.04 | 09:45

Hi Jon. I plan on breeding Cherry and Pebbles this spring. Email me if you would like more information. Thank you for your inquiry.

03.04 | 18:35

My family is interested in finally adding another golden to the family after loosing ours just two years ago. We are looking for some new info about your golden

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