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sandy | Reply 29.05.2016 18.04

Hello...I met you several years ago at Bel Air's Farmer's Market. I am looking for 2 males from the same litter. Do you hope to have a litter in the fall? Thx

tracey | Reply 08.03.2016 23.00

Hi Alaine

do you know when you will have puppies

Alaine | Reply 15.01.2016 10.00

I am not sure yet when I will have another litter. Check back on my website as I will post my plans. Thanks for your inquiry.

Alaine 08.02.2016 18.50

I wont have any puppies this spring. You can try Lycinangoldens.com. She has some pups for sale. Good luck.

Krish 07.02.2016 23.08

Hi Alaine,

I'm looking for a male pup to adapt from late May 2016. Do you think I can get one from you?

Carey | Reply 13.01.2016 20.08

Hi..when is your next litter and how do we inquire about the process? Looking for a female pup.

Chelsea | Reply 09.12.2015 10.53

Hi Alaine. Your dogs are beautiful! When are you planning your next litter? Thanks!

Alaine 09.12.2015 16.09

Hi. I wont have another litter until late next summer. Thanks for your inquiry.

Trudy | Reply 25.11.2015 18.27

Hi Alaine, I know u don't have any puppies for December, can u refer me to another local breeder that u would recommend? thanks, Trudy

Alaine 26.11.2015 09.30

Did you try Yankee Golden Retr. Club? They have a puppy referral person that give out breeders names with puppies. Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving.

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26.10 | 20:57

We are interested in getting a puppy. We got a puppy from you,salty and Big Bang we're the parents. Our beloved Sammy died in December. Best dog we ever had.

26.10 | 12:09

We got a puppy from you, Salky and Big Bang were the parents. Our beloved Sammy died in December. We would love to get another puppy from you.

06.10 | 12:32

Hi Alaine - I have checked this page very frequently and was delighted to see that you chose Flash. He is a beautiful boy !

22.09 | 09:19

Hi I am away right now. I will respond next week when I get home.

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