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albert sweeney | Reply 01.01.2022 13:17

Looking for a male young golden or puppy. How do I apply for one of your puppies? Our vet. recommended you.

Janet DellaGuistina | Reply 04.10.2021 15:59

I recently lost my sweet girl and am now looking for a new best friend to give all my love to. I was wondering if you have any upcoming litters planned?

Alaine 05.10.2021 16:39

I won’t have a litter until late spring, sorry.

bill benson | Reply 08.05.2021 09:44

I know you are very busy and I am just one of hundreds who write to you about a Golden puppy.
I just lost my best friend of 15 years and since she was a rescue, the whole process is new to me. I’m certainly finding out a lot!
I loved you web pag

Joan MacSwan | Reply 29.04.2021 11:19

Sadly I lost my Golden Ben last year. I am now ready to bless my life with a new Golden Puppy. My heart smiles every time I think of it. Looking for a puppy.

alaine | Reply 22.04.2021 12:37


Barbara Barre | Reply 08.04.2021 10:10

Alaine, I am not sure where to post my message, but I am looking for another beautiful pup from one of your upcoming litters. Please put me on your list.

Joseph Swift | Reply 31.03.2021 08:12

Inquiring re: the availability of puppies from one of your upcoming litters.

Lynn Leonard | Reply 27.03.2021 11:53

Your babies are beautiful. We would love to adopt. I contacted you last spring and are still very interested. Do you have any spots in this litter or future?

Courtney Chilov | Reply 22.03.2021 11:18

Your Goldens are gorgeous! We're in Brooklyn (with a backyard!) very interested in a Golden puppy join our family, any spots on list for litter coming? Thanks!

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01.01 | 13:17

Looking for a male young golden or puppy. How do I apply for one of your puppies? Our vet. recommended you.

30.12 | 13:40

My beautiful golden passed on and I am looking for a companion. Our vet., Dr. Eeg, recommended you as a great breeder. How do I apply to be listed? Thanks,Terry

26.11 | 18:26

Hi. I wont have any pups until late spring-going home later in the summer. Good luck in your search.

26.11 | 11:12

Hello, I am checking in to see if you have any puppies this year (December 2021)or early next year (2022)? Our family in maryland is looking for a golden puppy.

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