Dilated Cardiomyopathy

If you are feeding your dog Grain Free food - STOP FEEDING IT.  There is an issue with dog foods now that you must have heard about in the newspapers, on facebook, on TV etc. etc.  If your dog is on Grain Free food and is quietier than normal, no energy, coughing, dont stop the food but get him to your vet and have blood taken for a Taurine Level test. Then change his food. Some vets are not up to date on this issue so you might have to be an advocate for your own dog.  The issue seems to be with more expensive, high end, seemingly great quality foods.  They are also using more peas, pea proteins, legumes, potatoes in their foods.  One thought is the legumes are causing an issue with the dogs' own Taurine production.

There are many sites for you to go study this issue.  There is a Facebook page you can join, there are many sites on google.  Some sites will tell you the foods that are being recommended now until they can figure out what exactly is happening. The GRCA website has information about DCM.  Please take this seriously as many dogs have died.

Some of the foods that are being recommended are foods I never use.  Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin Golden Retriever, Eukanuba (I used to use that all the time), Science Diet. Their ingredient lists are still not what I want to see.  Obviously I dont have the knowledge that is needed at this point!  Heart breaking to have your dog drop dead from an enlarged heart caused by you feeding the best food you thought possible!


I hope to add more information soon.

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Gillian | Reply 23.07.2020 16:05

Thank you for sharing the information about the dog food. It is very confusing and frustrating when you are trying to do the best for your dog.

Lauren Shaver | Reply 22.03.2019 15:21

I agree.My neighbor was just on WMAR news because her double doodle was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. The Dr specifically mentioned danger to goldens. Scary

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Your goldens are gorgeous!Love to be on list for any litters in the near/not so near future. Our family of 4 would LOVE to have a new member : ) Thanks! Courtne

08.05 | 09:44

I know you are very busy and I am just one of hundreds who write to you about a Golden puppy.
I just lost my best friend of 15 years and since she was a rescue, the whole process is new to me. I’m certainly finding out a lot!
I loved you web pag

29.04 | 11:19

Sadly I lost my Golden Ben last year. I am now ready to bless my life with a new Golden Puppy. My heart smiles every time I think of it. Looking for a puppy.

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